Mobile applications date back to the end of the twentieth century that saw a rapid evolution of mobile content and applications in the market ranging from common utilities such calculators, calendars, to small arcade games, ring tone editors and many more. These mobile applications can be readily accessed thru Apps Stores such as Google PlayStore and Apple’s App Store.

Today the App Store has been widely downloaded across the world since it was first envisioned by Apple Inventor Steve Jobs back in 1983.

Users are able to customize their devices with a wide selections of Mobile applications whether for their personal , work and business purposes.

The term app is derived from the word “application” which refers to a program that runs on computers that serve specific functions for its users.

Types of Applications

The following are the 3 types of applications:

1 Web apps
2 Mobile apps
3 Desktop apps

Mobile apps also mobile applications refers to computers with software applications designed to run in mobile devices such as smart phones, tablet and ipads. These type of application require only smaller storage of data files since mobile devices are lighter in weight and size.

Desktop apps contains bigger file storage and can be a combination of softwares under one package including utilities and other system executables which run in specific operation systems.

Web Apps usually include both types of applications and are sometimes offered thru downloads or as extensions run to help support websites’ functionality to serve their users. These type of application may require only smaller data storage because of the availability of cloud storage nowadays.