If you are looking to land a career in Information Technology, this blog is for you.

Here are the 10 types of IT Jobs you can apply for:

1) Software Engineer
2) IT Manager
3) Database Administrators (DBAs)
4) Web Developer
5) Computer Network Administrator
6) Computer Hardware Specialists
7) Technical Support
8) Information security
9) Systems Engineer
10) Data Scientists


Careers in Information Technology

Software Engineer – identify unusual issues and common patterns in standard operating procedures of computers and enhance applications by making recommendations to help develop and improve designs and implementing systems.


IT Managers are responsible for organizing, arranging, and driving computer related exercises in a company or an organization.
They help decide the IT needs of a company in executing their computer systems or frameworks to deliver their required system information and organize their data frameworks necessities run efficiently.


Database Administrator (DBAs) ensure that information is put away safely and properly. They have an assortment of obligations and errands, for example, the accompanying obligation regarding maintaining the integrity and execution of organization databases which are highly valuable for an organization or company. They are also responsible for informing their clients and/or end users of any changes in databases and educate them as to how they must use their systems.


Web Developer performs coding, planning and design of a site as indicated by
an organization’s requirements and needs.Writing computer programs are necessary  and includes specific degree of both visual depiction such as graphic design as the job is focused mainly about client experience and capabilities.


Network Administrators are responsible for maintaining an organization’s computer networks keeping up PC systems and taking care of any issues that may happen with them.
Network or interchangeably known as System Administrators are answerable for systems and frameworks connected within their company network routers for faster exchange of data and also includes ordinary duties such as introducing software and setting up system configurations for the entire network.


Computer Hardware Specialists –  they are skilled support technicians who specializes in investigating issues and provide technical assistance, also performs upgrading softwares, peripheral equipment and operating system and aid to prevent downtime,
while enhancing the use of hardware.


Computer Hardware Technician/ Tech Support – A Hardware Technician is a professional who is responsible for the maintenance and repair of computer systems including the removal and installation of peripherals and provide essential IT support to their clients.
These experts are trained and provide necessary assessment as to the proper condition of their client’s computer parts and hardware.


Information Security –These are professionals who introduce safety efforts and screen computer programs to ensure frameworks and data foundation, involving digital firewalls and information encryption programs and help install security measures to protect computer systems
and infrastructure to prevent security breaches within the network and other cyber crimes.

Systems Engineer – they manage complex systems including how to design, integrate and organize life cycles of systems.


Data Scientists– they evaluate analytics and experimental framework of data.


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