With the development of smartphones and other mobile devices, technology
has evolved and greatly changed the way people do business as  many of the traditional setup has been replaced by digital formats providing ease in doing business, such as online payments, paperless applications and approval, resulting to improved user experience as more and more businesses are shifting
into online banking, selling, etc. As more users are now able to afford mobile phones these transaction fees have opted to reduce, yet gained more advantages in terms of marketing costs, branding, and others.

Mobile websites became popular since the beginning of 2015 as more and more people use the internet for various reasons. Some of which are mainly for business, work, reports, entertainment, gaming and information such as news and blogs. 

The added comfort and convenience from being able to carry less paperback and other similar documents are the main reason why now most companies have shifted to paperless transactions and have grown popularity over a period of time as schools and universities are also encouraged to avail these innovations for faster and wider reach in terms of research and productivity. 

Today, you can do be inside your car while talking a call, hands-free feature in SUV’s, with directional guide on the dashboard using mobile apps such as “Waze” which helps the motorists or drivers avoid the daily traffic and reach their specific destination in less time via a point-to-point input system thru GPS.